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Av Mike Waxman - Onsdag 25 jan 00:15


25 Januari, 1957

Den svenska figuren Skogsmulle, som ska lära barn om naturen och att inte skräpa ner i den, skapas av Gösta Frohm på Lida friluftsgård. Så småningom inrättas ”mulleskolor” över hela landet, vilka kännetecknas av Skogsmulles hälsningsfras ”Hej kollikock”.

Vem minns inte mulleskolan.Jag jobbade själv i början på 70-talet en sväng inom barnomsorgen och då var Mulle på tapeten.Det var ju en progressiv tid då allt nytt skulle testas, även miljövård för barn.

Av Mike Waxman - Söndag 22 jan 00:15


Annie Leibovitz

Först ville Annie ta en bildserie på John,som tidskriften Rolling Stone önskat, men John vägrade. Yoko skulle vara med ! Då föreslog Annie att dom båda skulle klä av sig nakna men Yoko kände sig obekväm med det men tog av sig på överkroppen. Annie övertygade henne då om att hon skulle sätta på sig tröjan igen och endast John var avklädd.


Först hade både John & Yoko kläder på sig för dom skulle hitta "rätt ställning" för bilderna.Denna bild har nog inte visats förut.

"This is it, this is our relationship" sa John till Annie Leibovitz.


Några timmar senare var John brutalt mördad, en hel värld var i chock.


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Av Mike Waxman - Fredag 20 jan 11:52


Nu är vi 10.000.000 miljoner invånare i Sverige.

Jag hoppas vi alla kan fortsätta att leva i fred och harmoni med varandra.

Vår kung får man tycka vad man vill om men han gör rätt som skriver i sin text ovan att den 10 miljonte invånaren är välkommen oavsett hur han blivit registrerad i Sverige. Bra !


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Av Mike Waxman - Onsdag 18 jan 18:06


På tiden att någon säger ifrån och det gläder mig, trots allt, att den amerikanska pressen,media, fortfarande hyser någon form av demokrati.

I Norrland had vi sagt: På'n bara ! (någon form av Västerbottniska,runt Vindeln trakten,typ.)

Denna tvestjärt behöver få sig några nyp innan han förstår vad saker och ting faktiskt handlar om!

Sen är frågan om detta rinner av gubbfaan som vatten rinner av en gås? Ja, då är han väl en gås också(förutom tvestjärt,dumstrut).Önskar nu bara att ingenting händer på fredag men han har inte gjort det lätt för sig så risken finns,men hoppas bara inte på våldsamheter, även om polisen varnat för det.


In these final days before your inauguration, we thought it might be helpful to clarify how we see the relationship between your administration and the American press corps.

It will come as no surprise to you that we see the relationship as strained. Reports over the last few days that your press secretary is considering pulling news media offices out of the White House are the latest in a pattern of behavior that has persisted throughout the campaign: You’ve banned news organizations from covering you. You’ve taken to Twitter to taunt and threaten individual reporters and encouraged your supporters to do the same. You’ve advocated for looser libel laws and threatened numerous lawsuits of your own, none of which has materialized. You’ve avoided the press when you could and flouted the norms of pool reporting and regular press conferences. You’ve ridiculed a reporter who wrote something you didn’t like because he has a disability.

All of this, of course, is your choice and, in a way, your right. While the Constitution protects the freedom of the press, it doesn’t dictate how the president must honor that; regular press conferences aren’t enshrined in the document.

But while you have every right to decide your ground rules for engaging with the press, we have some, too. It is, after all, our airtime and column inches that you are seeking to influence. We, not you, decide how best to serve our readers, listeners, and viewers. So think of what follows as a backgrounder on what to expect from us over the next four years. 

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Access is preferable, but not critical. You may decide that giving reporters access to your administration has no upside. We think that would be a mistake on your part, but again, it’s your choice. We are very good at finding alternative ways to get information; indeed, some of the best reporting during the campaign came from news organizations that were banned from your rallies. Telling reporters that they won’t get access to something isn’t what we’d prefer, but it’s a challenge we relish.

Off the record and other ground rules are ours—not yours—to set. We may agree to speak to some of your officials off the record, or we may not. We may attend background briefings or off-the-record social events, or we may skip them. That’s our choice. If you think reporters who don’t agree to the rules, and are shut out, won’t get the story, see above.

We decide how much airtime to give your spokespeople and surrogates. We will strive to get your point of view across, even if you seek to shut us out. But that does not mean we are required to turn our airwaves or column inches over to people who repeatedly distort or bend the truth. We will call them out when they do, and we reserve the right, in the most egregious cases, to ban them from our outlets.

We believe there is an objective truth, and we will hold you to that.When you or your surrogates say or tweet something that is demonstrably wrong, we will say so, repeatedly. Facts are what we do, and we have no obligation to repeat false assertions; the fact that you or someone on your team said them is newsworthy, but so is the fact that they don’t stand up to scrutiny. Both aspects should receive equal weight.

We’ll obsess over the details of government. You and your staff sit in the White House, but the American government is a sprawling thing. We will fan reporters out across the government, embed them in your agencies, source up those bureaucrats. The result will be that while you may seek to control what comes out of the West Wing, we’ll have the upper hand in covering how your policies are carried out.

We will set higher standards for ourselves than ever before. We credit you with highlighting serious and widespread distrust in the media across the political spectrum. Your campaign tapped into that, and it was a bracing wake-up call for us. We have to regain that trust. And we’ll do it through accurate, fearless reporting, by acknowledging our errors and abiding by the most stringent ethical standards we set for ourselves.

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We’re going to work together. You have tried to divide us and use reporters’ deep competitive streaks to cause family fights. Those days are ending. We now recognize that the challenge of covering yourequires that we cooperate and help one another whenever possible. So, when you shout down or ignore a reporter at a press conference who has said something you don’t like, you’re going to face a unified front. We’ll work together on stories when it makes sense, and make sure the world hears when our colleagues write stories of importance. We will, of course, still have disagreements, and even important debates, about ethics or taste or fair comment. But those debates will be ours to begin and end.

We’re playing the long game. Best-case scenario, you’re going to be in this job for eight years. We’ve been around since the founding of the republic, and our role in this great democracy has been ratified and reinforced again and again and again. You have forced us to rethink the most fundamental questions about who we are and what we are here for. For that we are most grateful.

Enjoy your inauguration.

—The Press Corps


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Av Mike Waxman - Söndag 15 jan 01:15

Susan Tedeschi och Derek Trucks med band på Crossroads Guitar Festival 2010. Lyssna på slide guitar solot i "Midnight in Harlem", från 4:10, som Derek framför, ja, detta får jag riktig ståpäls av,så hiskeligt jävla bra. Visste inte att man kunde hantera en gitarr på detta sätt.

Vet att bl.a Eric Clapton står bakom scenen och många med han måste fått knäck i brallorna efter detta solo!


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Av Mike Waxman - Torsdag 12 jan 11:16

The Beatles

12 january, 1967

Strawberry Fields Forever/Penny Lane R5570

The Beatles - Penny Lane 

Studio 3. 2.30-11.00pm Recording: 'Penny Lane' (overdub onto take 9). Mono mixing: 'Penny Lane' (remixes 7, 8, from take 9). Producer: George Martin; Engineer: Geoff Emerick; 2nd Engineer: Phil McDonald.
Recording of trumpets, oboes, cor anglais and double-bass for 'Penny Lane'.

"Penny Lane there is a barber showing photographs
Of every head he's had the pleasure to know.
And all the people that come and go
Stop and say "Hello".

On the corner is a banker with a motorcar,
And little children laugh at him behind his back.
And the banker never wears a mac
In the pouring rain, very strange.

Penny Lane is in my ears and in my eyes.
There beneath the blue suburban skies
I sit, and meanwhile back
In Penny Lane there is a fireman with an hourglass,
And in his pocket is a portrait of the Queen.
He likes to keep his fire engine clean,
It's a clean machine.

Penny Lane is in my ears and in my eyes.
A four of fish and finger pies
In summer. Meanwhile back
Behind the shelter in the middle of the roundabout
The pretty nurse is selling poppies from a tray.
And though she feels as if she's in a play,
She is anyway.

In Penny Lane the barber shaves another customer,
We see the banker sitting waiting for a trim,
And then the fireman rushes in
From the pouring rain - very strange.

Penny Lane is in my ears and in my eyes.
There beneath the blue suburban skies
I sit, and meanwhile back.
Penny Lane is in my ears and in my eyes.
There beneath the blue suburban skies
Penny Lane!"


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Av Mike Waxman - Onsdag 11 jan 07:00


Om denna kvinna är nazist låter jag vara osagt,men: Det finns många Sverigedemokrater runt om i landet som uttalat sig antisemitiskt och i Kalmar finns en ökänd sverigedemokrat som släpper ut antisemitiska och rasistiska kommentarer på sin blogg. Detta parti har ju aldrig unisont tagit avstånd från nazism eller partiets förflutna. Att detta parti bidrar till en ökad oro och osäkerhet i vårt land är skrämmande. När man dessutom medvetet spelar på människors oro så finns det inte ord för vad jag känner för dessa typer.

Det finns idag krafter som vill att partiet ska "släppas in i gemenskapen" eftersom dom är folkvalda in i riksdagen. För min del så tycker jag att dess ledning måste mycket tydligare ta avstånd från nazism och visa att man står upp för den "nolltolerans" som partiet ledning införde för några år sedan. Verkligheten stämmer inte överens med vad ledningen har som en regel. I dag är trovärdigheten för detta parti lika med noll.

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